Introducing MH2X!

Doubling MH production in 2025

Our industry has languished with annual production of about 100,000 new manufactured homes for years.  “Best guess” is that there are 40,000 – 50,000 communities in the U.S., that about 10% of the three million associated sites are vacant, and that upwards of half of those two-plus million occupied homes are old, unattractive, dysfunctional, barely habitable eyesores.  MH2X is a SECO-sponsored grassroots initiative to double annual production of manufactured homes in 2025 by filling vacant sites and upgrading communities with new manufactured homes.  Community owners will benefit from greater cash flow and increased community value, the industry will benefit from higher production, and local municipalities will benefit from more attractive communities.

What will it take to double MH production in 2025?  More small and mid-size community owners buying and selling new MHs to upgrade their communities and fill vacant sites.  

What will it take to make that happen?

  • A commitment by community owners to improve the industry one new home in their community at a time
  • Educating community owners/managers on the buying process: becoming a dealer, specifying options, features, and price to ensure quick sales of MHs to satisfied buyers
  • MH manufactures going the extra mile to accommodate smaller operators
  • Financing to acquire the homes
  • Promotion and cost-effective social media marketing
  • Sales training
  • “Financing” to facilitate the sale of new MHs: conventional financing, lease-option, short-term rentals with conversion to conventional financing.

How will we accomplish this:

  • SECO, a non-profit 501(c)(3) whose annual conferences attract upwards of 600 small and mid-size community owners and other industry personnel will sponsor 4-6 hour workshops through the end of this year and next year.
  • Speakers at the workshops will be fellow community owners and managers who have ordered, set up, promoted, financed, and sold dozens, if not hundreds, of new MHs to upgrade their communities and fill vacant sites.  Many switched from buying used MHs to new ones.
  • Other speakers will be from all segments of the industry including manufacturers, setup, financing, insuring, promotion/marketing, and sales.
  • Attendance cost will be minimal with proceeds used only for out-of-pocket costs and speakers’ travel, 
  • Our objective will be for community owners to leave the workshop with all the pieces of the MH buying and selling puzzle together, ready to order new MHs.

How can you get involved?

  • Click Here and enter your contact info and enter your contact info and what part you would like to play (community owner ordering new homes, supplier/vendor, speaker at workshops, etc.)
  • Upload your company’s logo.  They will all be promoted supporting MH2X
  • Check for more info from SECO about our first workshop in Atlanta, probably in about two months.  More workshops will immediately be scheduled based on demand.
  • Help spread the word by passing this information to other community owners and encouraging them to get involved.
  • Help organize other workshops in other locations.
  • Plan to attend SECO24 in September

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