SECO20 System Requirements

Below, you will find information on each part of the SECO20 event platform. Please take a moment to make sure your device meets the minimum system requirements indicated. We also recommend you install any apps listed below immediately so you are ready to go when the event starts.

Since this is our first 100% online event, it is important to realize there are minimum system requirements for your computer, tablet, or smartphone in order to access the 2020 SECO National Conference of Community Owners. No refunds will be provided for failing to confirm that your device(s) meet the minimum system requirements outlined below.

Headset, Microphone, and Webcam

Since this is a virtual event, you will need a quality headset, microphone, and webcam to participate in networking video calls, roundtable sessions, and interactive educational workshops. Most modern laptop computers have a built-in webcam and microphone, but it is recommended that you test yours to make sure they are in good, working order.


The virtual event venue for SECO20 is built on a remote workforce platform called “Sococo.” It works on both Mac and Windows and can be accessed via the Chrome web browser (only the Chrome browser is supported) or by installing Sococo’s app on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. This will be the central hub for the event, as well as all roundtables, meetups, and educational sessions. All SECO attendees will receive an invitation to join the SECO20 meeting space by email. Once you receive that email, click the link included to create your free account and log in to the event.

How to use Sococo:

Sococo minimum system requirements:

Zoom (FREE)

When you enter an active educational session, roundtable, or designated networking session on the Sococo platform, it will launch a Zoom video window so you can access the video feed and participate in the session. Having Zoom pre-installed on your computer prior to SECO20 will speed up your initial connection to these sessions. You can sign up for free and download Zoom to your computer at Upon entering the Zoom meeting, all participants will be muted, but some sessions will include live participation from attendees. At those times, the session moderator will unmute attendees one at a time.

Zoom minimum system requirements:

Whova (FREE)

As in previous years, we are once again using the Whova app for networking interaction between attendees. You can also find profiles for other attendees, sponsor information, and additional space for conducting video conferences and direct messages with both sponsors and other attendees outside of the Sococo platform. The SECO20 Whova platform will be available to attendees for one year after the event to encourage continued networking and collaboration.

Whova minimum system requirements:
Google Chrome browser for Accessing Whova from your computer

Mobile requirements:

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