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Day 1 - October 8


Registration Opens for SECO19

Eleven 1 ½ hour workshops, one repeated, 3 running concurrently throughout the day.

9:00a – 10:30a

CPA: Keeping More of the Money You Make

Introduction: Chris Roane, Pentagon Properties

Speakers: Kelly Smith and Tim Watt, Bennett-Thrasher

A discussion on asset capitalization and the impact of repair regulations on qualified business income. Includes information on tax-efficient business structures, and what’s changed in tax reform impact on interest expense and estate planning.

9:00a – 10:30a

How to Stop Wasting Money on Advertising

Introduction: Maryuri Barberan, Pentagon Properties & Judy Roden, Mountain View Estates

Speaker: Cathy McIntosh, Affinity Solutions

Get the most out of social media and digital marketing with a clear, compelling message.

9:00a – 10:30a

Everything Newbies Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask

Introduction: Larry Mathews, American Commerce Bank

Kolman Bubis, Sunstone Real Estate Advisors
John Fairey, AM Partners
Chuck Meek, Calhoun Homes
Charles Schierbeck, MAI, Colliers International
Eric Wanck, The MHP Broker

Variations on how to balance homes for rent and homes for sale. This includes an overview of manfuactured home community and land-lease community valuation. Other topics to review will be on how to buy new manufactured homes, due diligence, and purchasing mistakes to avoid.

10:30a – 12:00p

CPA: Keeping More of the Money You Make

Introduction: Chris Roane, Pentagon Properties

Speakers: Kelly Smith and Tim Watt, Bennett-Thrasher

A discussion on asset capitalization and the impact of repair regulations on qualified business income. Includes information on tax-efficient business structures, and what’s changed in tax reform impact on interest expense and estate planning.

10:30a – 12:00p

Manufactured Home Site Selection and Set Up

Introduction: Frank Murphy, Blue Ripple Properties

Cole Phillips, Phillips Investment Properties
John Overmier, Tie Down Engineering
Jennifer Rainey, Style Crest

Disccusion on planning, placement and installation of homes in a community.

10:30a – 12:00p

In-Community Chattel Financing

Introduction: Larry Mathews, American Commerce Bank

Ed Barber, CRE Capital Partners
Spencer Roane, Pentagon Properties

Covers the topics of in-community home sales, seller-financing, lease-with-option-to-purchase (LO), transaction structure, default rates, finance difference between new and existing homes, conventional loan requirements, and combinations of LO and conventional loans.

12:00p - 1:00p Lunch

1:00p – 2:30p

Community Ownership Succession

Introduction:Larry Mathews, American Commerce Bank

Speaker: Brett Danko, GENCapital

Plan ahead, transfer options besides an outright sale, financial psychologist’s tough questions, contingency plan, family considerations, employee and resident concerns.

1:00p – 2:30p

Renting vs. Selling Manufactured Homes

Introduction: Cole Phillips, Phillips Investment Properties

Fred Boshardt, FBK Management
Steve Case, Military Homes
Paul Chase, Iron Horse Properties
Chuck Meek, Calhoun Homes
George Morosani, George Morosani & Associates

There’s a strategy to deciding on how to balance homes for sale and community-owned rental homes. This involves detail on rehabbing homes, single-section vs. multi-section homes, and the upside of buying new homes for community infill.

1:00p – 2:30p

From Fried Dead Bird – to Finger Lickin’ Good

Introduction: Mark Titshaw, Stonegate Management Group

Speaker: Brad Simmons, Bluegrass Team Real Estate Professionals

Investor and master marketer Brad Simmons offers you tips, tricks and secrets to make your products sexier and increase your bottom line in any market.

2:30p – 4:00p

How RV Parks Compare to Manufactured Home Parks and Land-Lease Communities

Introduction: Dave Jackson, NAI G2 Commercial Real Estate

Speakers: Heather Blankenship & Sherry Koebler, Colliers International

A talk about RV Park location, valuation, due diligence, management and marketing.

2:30p – 4:00p

The Ins and Outs of Passive Investing

Introduction: Steve Case, Military Homes

Dyches Boddiford, Oaks Group
Maria Horton, Newport Pacific
Jefferson Lilly, Park Avenue Partners
Kim Shultz-Rainford, Affordable Casa Group

Passive investing in the industry continues to grow. We’ll have a discussion about raising capital, information on self-directed IRA accounts, and third-party management of manufactured home communities and land-lease communities.

2:30p – 4:00p

Service Animals, Emotional Support Animals, and MH Community Insurance

Introduction: Lewis Whitley, Iron Horse Properties

Sean Dalton, Haylor, Freyer & Coon
Kurt Kelley, Mobile Insurance
David Roden, Mountain View Estates

We will cover the differences between service animals and emotional support animals, associated provisions, and the impact each has on land-lease and manufactured home community insurance.

Day 2 - October 9

7:00a – 8:00a

Registration Opens SECO19

HFI Event Services, SECO19 event planner American Commerce Bank
Maryuri Barberan, Pentagon Properties
Tom Lackey, Able Mobile Housing
Judy Roden, Mountain View Estates
Mark Titshaw, Stonegate Management Group

8:30a – 10:30a

Attendee Introductions

10:30a – 11:15a

Refurbishing Older Communities and Zoning Challenges

Speaker: Don Westphal, Westphal Associates

Many land-lease communities were built 40 to 50 years ago when “mobile homes” were towed behind the family automobile. The “NIMBY” mentality continues to prevent the development of new communities. Yet, hardly a week goes by without a politician, state, or municipality lamenting the lack of affordable housing. We’ll talk about how to operate in the face of these critical realities.


Case Study – Refurbishing Coweta Hills LLC

Speaker: Jon Harrison, Inspire Communities

What a difference!  We will take a look at how removing 150 old homes and replacing them with beautiful, new manufactured homes can create excitement and sales.

11:30a – 12:15p

Ask the Attorneys

Moderator: Jim Ayotte, Florida MHA

Carl Becker, Becker Bouwkamp Walker PC
Kurt Kelley, Mobile Insurance

All topics are open game – service animals & pet policies, rules & regulations, undesirable residents, tenant evictions, home sales, chattel financing, insurance liability, employee issues, and everything in between.

12:15p – 2:30p

Lunch – George Allen ‘State of the Industry’

Introduction: Maria Horton, Newport Pacific

Speaker: George Allen,

Industry veteran George Allen will provide an update on industry news and events while we grab a bite to eat and catch up with exhibitors. This is another excellent opportunity to network and learn. We also will provide a sneak peek at SECO2020

2:30p – 3:15p

Marketing Essentials for the Independent Community Owner

Speaker: Darren Krolewski, MHVillage

Owners and operators of small to midsize manufactured home communities have all the same marketing needs as the larger operators, but with fewer resources to achieve the same results. So, how do you do it?

Each of us has been overwhelmed at times when it comes to prospecting for potential buyers and residents. And, once you find some potential residents, you need to decide how to communicate with them and present yourself and your property in the most positive light. Darren Krolewski, co-president and chief business development officer for MHVillage and Datacomp, will take you through the absolute essential marketing strategies and tactics for any independent community owner who wants to increase occupancy. From signage to call tracking and open houses to digital marketing, Krolewski will detail the “must-do marketing approach” for your park.

3:15p – 4:00p

Alternative Community Ownership Options

Speaker: Dyches Boddiford, Assets 101

Dyches helps you decide whether you should pursue business in community ownership, operating a dealership, or run a home finance company. There are a variety of structures within each area to be considered, each with their own tax implications.

4:00p – 5:00p

Meet SECO19 Sponsors and Exhibitors

Moderator: Vendo Toming, HFI Event Services

SECO19 Sponsors and Exhibitors

Get to know the products and services our exhibitors offer to make your life easier, increase revenue, cut costs, increase efficiency, and meet industry and individual needs.

5:00p – 5:10p

Roundtable Announcements – Topics & Speakers

Speaker: Dave Jackson, NAI G2 Commercial Real Estate

5:10p – 6:00

Visit Exhibitors

6:00p – 7:00p


7:00p – 8:30p

Networking Roundtables (topics based on interest, announced earlier, and posted in Whova app)

Day 3 - October 10

7:00a – 8:00a

Newbies – Lessons Learned

Moderator: Clyde Rainford

Amie Hacker, Parkplace Homes & RV Sales
Erin Smith, Spotlight Strategies
Frank Murphy, Blue Ripple Properties
Ryan Narus, Archimedes Group
Lewis Whitley, Iron Horse Properties

Hear new operators of small and midsize communities talk about mistakes they made, what things they will do differently next time, and what advice they have for other newcomers to the community business.

8:00a – 9:00a

The Social and Economic Impact of Bringing Old Communities Back to Life

Speaker: Frank Rolfe,

9:00a – 10:00a

Mini-TED talks for the Manufactured Housing Industry

Moderator: Jennifer Rainey, Style Crest

All Atendees

Freeform 5-10 minute presentations on everything from manufactured home sales to storm shelters, chattel financing, new industry expectations, in-community retail sales, a case study on improving credit score to qualify for conventional chattel financing, and an introduction of the SECO Youngbloods.

10:00a – 10:45a

1 Minute Money Makers – pass the mic

Steve Case, Military Homes
Tom Lackey, Able Housing
David Protiva, Sterling Acceptance 

All Attendees Are Encouraged to Participate

This is among the most popular sessions at every SECO conference: Sales, marketing, finance, and management ideas from community owner attendees. Pick up on ideas that generate revenue, cut costs or make communities more attractive.

10:45a – 11:15a

Community Owner Representation at State & Federal Levels

Moderator: George Allen, Educate

Susan Brenton, NAMHCO
Jay Hamilton, GMHA
Betty Whittaker, KMHA

We will detail the benefits of state manufactured housing association membership, as well as provide an introduction to the National Association of Manufactured Home Community Owners (NAMHCO)

11:15a – 12:45p

Lunch, Last Chance to Visit Exhibitors

12:45p – 1:30p

MH Manufacturers

Paul Chase, Ironhorse Properties
Chuck Meek, Calhoun Homes 

Aaron King, Clayton Homes Building Group
Marvin Shell, Champion Homes
Dwayne Reynolds, Fleetwood Homes
Brent Cook, Legacy Housing Corporation
Gary Taylor, Scotbilt Homes

Some of the manufactured housing industry’s top home builders will provide the latest insight on home features and options, and talk about how plants conduct sales into communities.

1:30p – 2:15p

Manufactured Home Community and Land-Lease Lenders

Moderator: Jeff Buice, GEN Capital

Jeff Bush, American Commerce Bank
Lou Vela, Q10 Capital | Lutz

Our panelists will detail the state of providing community home loans, covering rates, size, loan-to-value rations, park-owned homes and, terms.

2:15p – 3:00p

In-Community Chattel Financing of MHs

Moderator: Ed Barber, CRE Capital Partners

Jerry Bretton, Credit Human
Scott MacFarlane, CIS
Kirk McDowell, Park Lane Finance Solutions
Ron Roldan, MH Specialty Services

For community owners to rent or seller-finance (lease-option) and the difference between conventional and retail financing of manufactured homes.

3:00p – 3:45p

Meet the Brokers of Mobile Home Communities

Moderator: Bob Love, Love Properties

Max Baker, The MHP Broker
Mike Nissley, Colliers International
Kolman Bubis, Sunstone Real Estate Advisors
Harrison Bell, Yale Realty & Capital Advisors
Kevan Enger, Capstone Manufactured Housing
Dave Jackson, NAI G2 Commercial Real Estate

An exploration of community-types that are in demand, cap rates and valuation of park-owned mobile homes versus lot rent.

3:45p – 4:15p

Wrap up – pass the mic

Moderator: Larry Matthews

All attendees

Attendees are encouraged to raise questions about mobile home features, financing, acquisition, resident and buyer, mobile home park and land-leased communities, industry concerns (trailer parks, NIMBY, setup contractors), and SECO19 stats.