Welcome Letter from the Planning Committee

Welcome to the 2018 Southeast Community Owners’ (SECO) Conference

SECO is a non-profit (501c3) venue designed and executed for, and by, small and mid-size community owners and managers. Our primary goal is to provide cost-effective information to attendees aimed at increasing revenue, reducing costs, and increasing the value of communities. One way to accomplish that is to fill vacant sites. Doing so with new homes has many advantages, not the least of which is upgrading the appearance and appeal of communities. Hence, a major thrust of SECO18 is to address ALL facets of home buying, marketing, selling, and financing. All of these topics, and more, will be discussed during various sessions over the two and half days of SECO18.

Some sessions at SECO18 are in-depth Pre-SECO workshops, some are panel discussions moderated by, and comprised of, small and mid-size community owners like yourself, some are excellent solo speakers, and some are after-hours roundtables. SECO18 also includes over 60 exhibitors, vendors, and sponsors whose products and services add significantly to our bottom lines. We brought back the new and improved Whova event app this year. Use it to connect with other attendees, view speaker and panel participant photos and bios, follow the agenda, vote on roundtable topics, receive notices and last-minute schedule changes, provide feedback, and MUCH more!

Perhaps, however, the greatest take-away from SECO18 will be the contacts you establish during this event. The underlying theme of SECO is “Community owners helping community owners”. That starts with our Planning Group and extends to all SECO attendees. We are driven by two important principles: “docendo discimus”: ‘The best way to learn is to teach’, and ‘A rising tide floats all boats’.

The charge for community owners and managers to attend SECO18 is very significantly reduced by promotional fees paid by our sponsors and exhibitors. Please take a moment to thank them for their participation in SECO18.

Finally, THANK YOU for attending SECO18. If there’s anything we can do to ensure you leave feeling this is one of the most important and beneficial events you attend, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

The SECO18 Planning Group